Family Dues$180.00 for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children 17 Yrs. & under);
                       $15.00 for each additional child (17 Yrs. & under)
                        $75 for a single adult (18 Yrs. & over).


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Tanya Tyson (Duncan )
Director of Management Development 2
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Jeanette Martin (Ighedosa )
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Social Worker 4
I am the daughter of Wilhelmina Ruth Robinson. Maiden name was "Hopkins" Her mother was Lianna Hopkins- Walls, Her Father was "David Daniel " Doc" Walls. My Great Aunt who was my Grandmother 's Sister was " Aunt Baby" Esnold Walls Ruffin, who headed up the Family Reunion 's for many a year. I have Maby...many old Family Reunion Pictures that were left to my mother by Aunt Baby and my mother left them to me for safe keeping. I have been sharing them on Facebook with other Family members and would like to forward them to the Website. Please give me a call or join me on Facebook and I will forward them to you. I am planning on coming to DC in August for the Family Reunion. Send Jeanette  a MessageSend Jeanette a Message
Bridget Lowe (Jones)
Customer Service 3
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Darren Lott
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Bridgett Smalls
Business Owner DMV Vehicle Dealer Provider 5
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